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Written by Yasir Ameen

App Store Optimization or ASO is a process in which Android apps appears in top when users search theirs apps on Google Play Store. Have you ever heard that some apps easy to find with their names when user search on Google or Google Play Store. In this tutorial i will talk about how to promote android app for app ranking techniques used in App Store Optimization.

What Is ASO ?

It is a process of improving the visibility of an Android apps and its called aso (App Store Optimization) in short and its just like ranking a website using SEO but in that case we can say we are going to use seo for our Android apps. In this tutorial i will describe you, how you can optimize ours apps for searches and how you can we use app ranking techniques.

Key Component ASO (App Store Optimization)

Before going further about how we can use aso techniques, keep in mind the following component that are parts of App Store Optimization , later we will discuss each of this descriptively

android aso app store optmization app ranking app seo

Why Is of ASO (App Store Optimization) Important?

Most of the user find Android apps using search. Some of the apps users install through the recommendation of friends and family, TV commercial, app promotion, 3rd party site and others, see the graph below and you will find important App Store Optimization is.

android app store optmization aso surway how user install apps

How Google PlayStore Rank Android App

Let’s talk about, how Google rank Android apps. Well as i mentioned above that there are primary 5Five key components of App Store Optimization. Let’s discussed one by one.

Google Play App Title

The app title is most important in app ranking. You get up to 50 character limit for you app title. Choose title of your app as descriptive as possible. Include app store keywords in title if its relevant to app. We will see what are keywords in next.

Google Play Short Description

In short description you get 90 character limit for you app. You can tell what your app does using the keyword techniques along with the your app title.

Google Play Description

In description you get 4000 character limit for you app description. Use keyword in description which is very important for app ranking, here the some important things you can follow for writing description, later on in next section we will discover what are keywords and how you can use them.

  • The first 167 character for description used as meta description
  • Repeat keywords 3-4 times
  • Include 5-10 long-tail (related) keywords
  • Try your best to make the keywords flow naturally
  • Try to include plural form of keywords
  • meta description appears in search result on Google

Description is the best part you can tell Google about your app using the app store keywords which will see in next section as i described.

User Reviews

Quality of good reviews impact app ranking, make sure you have amount of quality and good reviews about your app. The best tip is that you can ask your friends and family to review your app on Google Play Store.

  • Keep in mind that your app ranking matters on current shipping version
  • If you had good reviews on your previous version but you are receiving bad reviews after releasing update version of your app to Google Play Store, affects app ranking
  • Don’t simply rely on rating of previous version of your app/release

Keywords in Reviews

Keywords in reviews took most important part for ranking your app, although is very difficult to handle because you will not know what users are writing when reviewing  your app on Google Play Store.

  • Be authentic
  • You should constantly check reviews about your app
  • Look for the bad reviews and see what users are saying
  • When user is writing some thing others, then you must need to upgrade and fix your app according to the reviews

App Downloads

Google promote android app on behalf of number of download of the past 30days. If your app constantly downloading and its downloading graph is not going done as compare to previous month that this is also good signal for your app ranking.

Choosing Your App Category

Choosing category when publishing android app also matters, follow the guidelines when picking app category

  • You can only assign one category for your app in Google PlayStore
  • Don’t pick the category which doesn’t belongs to your app, it may rejected your app
  • Your app title/description should described the category of your app to the user

What Are Keywords?

As i said earlier that keywords took very very important in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as ASO (App Store Optimisation). Well keywords are the search terms searched by the users whole over the world, let me explain

As you can see in below image, I just about to type “app store optimization” and google suggested me some keywords using autocomplete that mostly searched by the user around the world

android aso app store optimization keywords

below image is from the last section of search results when i wrote “app store optimization” as you can see Google suggested me 8Eight Searches related to app app store optimization. Wow 🙂 amazing


aso app ranking seo app app store optimization

Using Tools To Find More Keywords

Now you have enough idea about what the heck keywords are, but the suggested keywords by the Google will not full fill your requirements because Google suggested 4 or 8 keywords at a time and we need more. There are some tools available on internet which will help you to find more keywords for your requirements as aso tools.

There are different tools which are paid with great functionality and you can get free 14days trial as follows,


But we will use one free tool for finding app store keywords , this is recommended for Google Adsense but it is also good for finding more keywords 🙂

Using Google Adwords Tool (Free)

Now let’s see how we can get more keywords which are trending and more actively searching day by day or monthly y the users around the world.

First ) Sign-In to Google Adwords using your google account

Step 1) Open the Keyword Planner Window

Go to the Tools=>Keyword planner and open the following page.

android aso seo app app store optimisation

Step 2) Paste the 8Eight suggested result by Google

Remember in keyword section i talked about keywords suggested by Google at the end of the page ? Yes exactly, you need to copy the 8Eight suggested results in the “Your product or service” box, and choose United Kindgom , Canada and United States as a targeting audience. Click Get Ideas button when you are done.


android app store optimization keyword planner tool

Step 3) Paste the 8Eight suggested result by Google

After clicking Get Ideas button, Google adwords will suggested you the numbers of keywords with their statistics, see the below image. Try to pick the keyword for you with the following rule.

  • Look for the maximum monthly search
  • Always pick the Low Competition keywords, it will help rank your app/page more quickly
  • The maximum the bid amount of keyword will more benefit, but in Adsense 🙂
  • You should check more keywords by scrolling page or going to the next page.


app store optimization app ranking seo app optiming apps

How To Use Keyword/Long Tail Keywords

Now you have complete idea about what is keywords and how you can get them, its time to use these keywords in your app Title, short description and long description as described above.

Long Tail Keywords => are those who described the context with 4-5 or more words.

Let’s take a example of Whatsapp

  • The app title is Whatsapp Messenger => its very descriptive
  • WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. => is a first line of its description which is very descriptive and with a long tail keywords
  • Similarly other goods android apps keep in mind the techniques called App Store Optimization .

Here is the example (i found on internet) of describing what could be the good and best keywords.

aso app store ranking seo app store optimization

Now its your turn to open your app store listing and choose app Title, write the description according the rules i descried in How Google PlayStore Rank Android App Section.

Tracking ASO Performance

There is awesome dashboard available in Google Play Console which will help you to monitor your app ASO performance by showing app statistics about number of download, install/uninstalls , user reviews and the countries where your app is installed right now.

app store optimization android seo app ranking

Thanks for reading, let me know about this article in comments section below 🙂 Bye

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